No Man Left Behind

2 X 1 Hour, Raw TV / National Geographic Channel, 2016

2 high-end drama-documentary war films: 'To Hell And Back', a harrowing 2007 battle between US Green Berets and the Taliban in Afghanistan and 'The One That Got Away', ex-SAS soldier Chris Ryan's true story of Bravo Two Zero's ill-fated mission in Iraq during the First Gulf War. Starring Jack Ashton.

Reviews of 'The One That Got Away':


"utterly engrossing...the reconstructions achieved unusually high levels of tension, atmosphere and emotional involvement...incredibly effective television” 

Gerard O’Donovan, The Daily Telegraph


“the recreations felt convincing and essential, adding a palpable sense of stress”

James Jackson, The Times

Tags: Drama Performance Action Gunplay Stunts SFX VFX