Feature Film:

THE SWEENEY, Vertigo Films, 2012 - Second Unit Director       

Feature film remake of the cult TV series, starring Ray Winstone and Plan B. Directed the car chase sequence at the climax of the film. 

“The car chase is epic…the dramatic finale through a caravan park is one of the best I’ve seen." 

Gordon Smart, The Sun

“A seriously muscular and stylish bit of cops and robbers action.” 

Mark Adams, Screen Daily



Beach battle scene that opens Season 4.

Producer: Vicki Delow

CASUALTY, BBC, 2018/19 - Director

1 Hour Episode: Series 33, Episode 45

Producer: Kirsty Lane

2 X 1 Hour Episodes: Series 33, Episodes 23 and 24

2 X 1 Hour Episodes: Series 33, Episodes 11 and 12

Producer: Jayne Chard

Series Producer: Lucy Raffety, Executive Producer: Simon Harper

'This was great! So absorbing and well shot...James did a beautiful job.'

Simon Harper, Executive Producer

HOLBY CITY, BBC, 2016 - Director

2 X 1 Hour Episodes: Black Dog and Somebody To Love

Series Producer: Simon Harper, Executive Producer: Oliver Kent

NO MAN LEFT BEHIND, NGC, 2015 - Writer/ Director

2 X 1 Hour Episodes: The One That Got Away and The Battle Of Shok Valley

Executive Producer: Mark Lewis / Raw TV

2 high-end drama-documentary war films: SAS soldier Chris Ryan’s famous escape from Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War and a harrowing 2007 battle between US Green Berets and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Filmed in the deserts and mountains of South Africa.


"...utterly engrossing...the reconstructions achieved unusually high levels of tension, atmosphere and emotional involvement...incredibly effective television.” 

Gerard O’Donovan, The Daily Telegraph


“...the recreations felt convincing and essential, adding a palpable sense of stress.”

James Jackson, The Times

PARANORMAL WITNESS, Syfy, 2014 - Writer/ Director

2 X 1 Hour Episodes: Through The Eyes Of A Killer and A Ghostly Affair

Executive Producer: Mark Lewis / Raw TV

2 drama-documentary films, one a dark psychological thriller about a psychic housewife in 1980s New Jersey who helps detectives track down a vicious serial killer; the other a haunted mansion story, featuring 1940s period flashbacks and a fright night in a dark attic.

“Paranormal Witness is good, scary fun.” 

Linda Stasi, New York Post

“Easily the most terrifying supernatural series on TV.” 

Huffington Post

THE FUGITIVE CHRONICLES, A&E Network, 2010 - Writer/ Director/ Editor

2 X 1 Hour Episodes: Christopher Dimeo and Larry Davis

Executive Producer: Bart Layton / Raw TV

2 drama-documentary films about New York criminals on the run, told by the Police officers who directed the hunts.

In 1986 Larry Davis was trapped in a Bronx apartment, surrounded by 20 heavily armed NYPD officers - but he chose to fight. The result was the largest single blood-letting in NYPD history.

Christopher Dimeo details the twisted relationship between Chris, his girlfriend and his mother, who together went on a robbery/homicide spree to feed their heroin addictions. The press dubbed them Bonny, Mommy and Clyde.

“Very good re-enactments … a terrific package, built around some incredibly frustrating and horrific tales.” 

Linda Stasi, New York Post

KIDNAPPED ABROAD, Channel 5, 2008 - Writer/ Director/ Editor          

Episode: Fatal Mission

Executive Producer: Bart Layton / Raw TV

The story of American missionaries Gracia and Martin Burnham, who were taken hostage in the Philippines by Islamic extremists. They were held for a year and endured 17 ferocious gun battles.


“This is the last and best edition of what has proved to be a strong series.” 

David Chater, The Times

TOP GEAR, BBC 2, 2003 - 2014 - Director/ Editor

Executive Producer: Andy Wilman

According to the Guinness Book Of World RecordsTop Gear was officially the most watched show in the world, with a global audience of over half a billion people. The show is 3 - time Bafta-nominated, has won the National Television Award 4 times and James personally collected the 2005 International Emmy Award for an episode featuring his work.

James joined the team on Series 2 and has been integral to the success of the show, including the much-copied style of the format (James is credited on over 70 episodes and edited most of his own films).

James has worked in a huge variety of difficult and extreme locations and situations, filming mini ‘action movies’ such as a bobsleigh racing a rally car in Norway or a Red Devil skydiver chasing a Porsche in Cyprus.

James also directed and edited three one-hour ‘Specials’:

Top Gear America, the first ever ‘Special’, the one where the crew were chased out of a petrol station by rock-throwing rednecks in Alabama. 

Top Gear Botswana was a huge road trip over 10 days, shooting on the Makgadikgadi salt flats and the Okavango Delta. Voted the best Top Gear Special of all time.

Top Gear Patagonia was the trip of a lifetime that turned into a terrifying escape from Argentina. The second Top Gear Special where James has had rocks thrown at him.


Signed to Ridley Scott Associates  since 2006. 


CASTROL, TITANIUM ICE - Director, 30/60” TVC and Online

In partnership with The Fate Of The Furious, a stunt driver evades virtual reality attackers whilst driving on an ice lake in Canada.

Producer: Garfield Kempton for Ridley Scott Associates/ The Brooklyn Brothers                                  

GATES FOUNDATION, One Last Push - Director, Editor, Online campaign film

Polio Awareness Campaign, shot in Pakistan with actors and street-cast talent.

Producer: Garfield Kempton for Ridley Scott Associates/ M&C Saatchi

FORD, Rear View Camera  and SYNC With Emergency Assistance - 

Director, 30/60” TVC

Stunt films shot for real, one featuring a car race in reverse.

Producer: Caspar Delaney for Ridley Scott Associates/ Blue Hive

CHEVROLET, Silverado HD to HD - Director, 10 films for TV and online

Producer: Lynne Pateman, for Ridley Scott Associates USA/ Goodby Silverstein

NISSAN, We Make Them Better - Director, 30/60” TVC

Shot around Los Angeles, vignette films featuring characters and their cars.

Producer: Pat Frazier, for Ridley Scott Associates USATBWA/ Chiat Day 

CHEVROLET, Get Out There - Director/ Editor - 30/60" TVC         

Shot in Kuala Lumpur, two men in wingsuits race each other in a daredevil rooftop-skimming sky-dive. This kind of jump had never been done over a city before.

Producer: Caspar Delaney, for Ridley Scott Associates/ Leo Burnett

BRITISH ARMY,Leader - Director, 4 x 30” TVC and Online

Filmed in the UK and Cyprus, these are four personal scenarios featuring dramatic reconstructions with actors and real soldiers.

Producer: Caspar Delaney, for Ridley Scott AssociatesPublicis/ COI

NISSAN,  _ADVENTURE - Director, 40” TVC and Online

Shot in Namibia, South Africa and Argentina, Saba Douglas Hamilton drives four Nissan 4x4s on four different missions on the 24th parallel.

Producer: Caspar Delaney, for Ridley Scott Associates/ TBWA




Postgraduate MA/Diploma in Film & TV



BA (Oxon) English Language & Literature: 2:1